Insignia & Symbols

Coat of Arms
Designed by Harriet Hankins, Alpha, Tri Sigma's coat of arms was adopted in 1902. Each symbol has ritualistic significance which is revealed to members following their initiation.

Adopted in 1903, the badge of the sorority is an equilateral gold triangle, with a small semicircular indentation on each side. Reflective of the Triangle Degree—Tri Sigma’s second degree of membership—it is worn only by initiated members. The new member pin, designed by Lucy Stubbs, Alpha, is a concave triangle within a circle. Each corner of the triangle contains a Sigma.

Although not official until 1909, the pearl has been our designated jewel since our founding.

The official flower is the purple violet, as they were in bloom in Farmville at the time of our founding. Additional accents were added to the official brand palette in 2017.

Royal purple and white, adopted in the 1902 Constitution, serve as our official colors. Until that time, the colors were moss green and violet.

Adopted as the official symbol at the 1974 Convention, the sails must always appear full to represent an empowered sisterhood always moving forward.

The skull & crossbones, which appears on our member badge, is Tri Sigma’s official mascot.




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